Weggelhorster Bucketlist

Breed Holstein A.I.-code 361270 Breed 100 % HF
A.I.-code 361270
Herdbook number NL 685132267
Date of birth 16-10-2020
Breed 100 % HF
Gestation length 279
Straw colour orange
aAa code 342
Kappa Casein AB
Beta Casein A2/A2
Cow family Dirndel

About Weggelhorster Bucketlist

Weggelhorster Bucketlist (Bernell x Maik x Stylist) is exemplary of what makes a "Samen" bull. To start with, he descends from the very popular K.I. Samen Dirndel pedigree, a line with very good conformation, high lifetime production and good health traits. His pedigree purely consists of reliable, proven breeding bulls. A number of them have also shown their worth as highly successful bull sires. A2A2l Bucketlist himself also has wonderful conformation that includes attractive markings.

Bucketlist’s sire, Bernell, has evolved over the years into a high calibre breeding bull. He is a calving ease bull who passes on high milk production, thanks to traits that include outstanding persistency, with positive scores for protein percentages. Bernell’s daughters are of average stature and offer perfect rumps. Solid udders and correct legs (slightly curved side view rear legs) round this picture off nicely. The fact that Bernell also offers extremely good health traits has made him one of the most all-round bull sires of recent years.

With the Dirndel family in his lineage, Bucketlist has a maternal pedigree with very good conformation (eight generations of VG or EX cows) and high lifetime production. Some of the illustrious names in this pedigree are the EX Dirndel 27 (Bucketlist's great grand dam) and EX Dirndel 24 (great great grand dam of Bucketlist). Advance daughter Dirndel 24 is a half-sister of the widely used outcross bull Santana. Both Dirndel 24 and Dirndel 27 realised high life production, with Dirndel 24 producing almost 100,000 kg of milk and Dirndel 27 almost 70,000 kg. Bucketlist's grand dam Dirndel 31 joins the ranks of these productive ladies with ease, as she also noted a total of almost 70,000 kg of milk. But, of course, there can always be a name that goes a step further. The top dog - or in this case, cow - is Dirndel 51, the dam of Bucketlist. This amazingly sound Maik daughter has already passed the total of 110,000 kg of milk.

Vh Bube Bernell
Bube Et
Weggelhorster Dirndel 51
  • Lifetime production till now: (7 lact.):
  • 2960dg 126.862kg 4.67% 3.50%
  • 89 92 84 86 VG87
Hoekland Maik
Weggelhorster Dirndel 31
  • Lifetime production till now: (7 lact.):
  • 2261d 69894kg 4.70% 3.85%
  • 87 90 88 90 VG88