Breed Holstein A.I.-code 361269 Breed 100 % HF
A.I.-code 361269
Herdbook number NL 546736184
colour 109
Date of birth 16-10-2020
Breed 100 % HF
Gestation length 287
aAa code 546
Kappa Caseïne AA
Beta Casein A2/A2
Cow family Elsje

About Silvester

Silvester (Silver x Wellness x Starleader) cannot be said to have a short generation interval, but rather the opposite. But, sired by the extremely reliable, tested Silver and with a dam who has produced almost 100,000 kg of milk, he ticks all the boxes required for a genuine "SAMEN" bull. The traits that make Silvester particularly interesting are A2A2 for beta-casein and an aAa code of 546.

Silver, the sire of Silvester, has maintained a very high level over the years. Where many bulls, once their daughters start to lactate, start to see a declining performance in terms of production or conformation, Silver has not slipped in the rankings. He is highly valued for his contribution to super production as well as good conformation. Silvester’s conformation traits are impressive in all respects - but in one area he is truly phenomenal: the udder.

His maternal pedigree - the Elsje line - is characterised by good conformation, and high component percentages in particular, with a lot of late maturity and extreme durability. A key part of this cow family is Marconi daughter Elsje 92 (VG 87). Replicating her dam Elsje 86 (VG 89), this great grand dam of Silvester produced more than 85,000 kg of milk. This feat gives Silvester four generations of cows in his maternal ancestry that have achieved lifetime production in excess of 85,000 kg. Marconi daughter Elsje 92 is the foundation dam of three different branches at the farm. As well as the branch that includes Silvester, Elsje 92 is also the great great grand dam of Elsje 177 (EX 90), a Jordan daughter with lifetime production of more than 130,000 kg of milk. The third branch can be traced via Starleader daughter Elsje 109 (VG 87 and a full sister of Silvester's grand dam Elsje 140) and Tugolo daughter Elsje 125 (VG 85) to Elsje 136 (EX 91). This daughter by Talent yielded more than 100,000 kg of milk. She is in turn the dam of Elsje 149, a 90-point ranked Dominator daughter with lifetime production of more than 110,000 kg.

Seagull-Bay Silver
Mountfoield Ssi Dcy Mogul
Seagull-Bay Snow Darling
Elsje 184
  • Lifetime production till now: (7 lact.):
  • 2400d 97013kg 5.07% 3.92%
  • 88 90 85 85 VG86
Elsje 140
  • Lifetime production till now: (7 lact.):
  • 2638d 89955kg 5.08% 3.61%
  • 86 85 82 79 GP82