Mostwanted Red

Breed Red Holstein A.I.-code 361271 Breed 100 % HF
A.I.-code 361271
Herdbook number NL 676562330
Date of birth 19-03-2021
Breed 100 % HF
Gestation length 281
Straw colour turquoise *
aAa code 651
Kappa Casein BB
Beta Casein A2/A2
Cow family Roza
Calving ease bull yes
Calving ease 100

About Mostwanted Red

Mostwanted (Magnifier x Maniac x Burgos) is a Red Holstein bull whose name reflects his popularity! The high interest shown in this bull was to be expected. He descends from a very component-rich pedigree that includes lots of protein with the most favourable A2A2 and BB variants. With an aAa code starting with 6 - an almost unique feat- followed by 5 and 1, he can correct and enhance a large proportion of the Holstein population.

Mostwanted’s sire Magnifier is a bull with an all-round production index (a slight positive for milk and significant positives for component percentages) and solid conformation (including good udders and legs). His daughters will not have a particularly large stature, but will have good chest width and good body condition. Magnifier excels in maternal calving ease (calving ease bull), udder health, fertility and durability, while

Mostwanted's maternal line stands out for component percentages. At least five generations of these Rozas have achieved 3.50% protein and high fat percentages. They also have consistently good conformation with all but one scoring 84 or 85 points for overall conformation. The exception is Roza 74 (EX 91), the dam of MostWanted. This excellent Maniac daughter was crowned champion at the cattle show in Ambt Delden in 2021. She is now on her seventh calf and has already produced over 70,000 kg of milk.

Delta Goal-Red
Delta Meadow
Roza 74
  • Lifetime production till now: (6 lact.):
  • 2257d 69148kg 4.70% 3.91%
  • 91 91 93 88 EX91
Maniac Van De Peul
Roza 67
  • 2.02 423d 10596kg 4.80% 3.88%
  • 3.05 627d 15249kg 4.70% 3.98%
  • 5.04 272d 8832kg 4.82% 3.86%
  • 87 89 84 81 G84