Breed Jersey A.I.-code 361290 Breed 100% JER
A.I.-code 361290
Herdbook number NL 589003292
Date of birth 02-12-2021
Breed 100% JER
Gestation length 293
Straw colour grijs
aAa code 264
Kappa Casein AB
Beta Casein A2/A2

About Jouke

Jouke (Jamie x VJ Link x Lirsk x DJ Middel) is a Dutch bred Jersey bull with a Danish maternal line and a North American sire. The cow family has excellent components: the last four generations had above, or well above, 4% protein. With the 4th dam, fat was 5.65% increasing afterwards to 6.33% produced by Jouke’s dam. His grand dam was imported as a third calver from Denmark by Jouke’s breeder in Hemelum, Wytze Meye Wink. And it was an outstanding purchase: Anouk produced 88241 kg of milk with 5.99% fat and 4.52% protein in nine lactations. Average LV 115 (first three lists in Denmark).

Anouk 2 is a super dairy cow with an average LV of 112 partly thanks to the very high component percentages. She produces milk with ease and combines this with very good fertility and excellent udder health. In her last lactation the average SCC was 11. Her sire VJ Link is a true longevity specialist, who scores 113 in the NVO survival scores. And for fourth calvers, he even tops the entire list. Some 69% of Link daughters are still active, compared with an average of 39% across all the bulls.

Jouke's sire is Jamie (Matt x Dynamic x Paramount). Jamie is a correct, all-round bull, whose skeletal structure shows a little more openness. This is extremely welcome, especially with Danish bloodlines. Jamie’s daughters in Canada are excellent milk producers. His first calf daughters are achieving a first average milk yield record of 8813 kg milk with 456 kg fat and 344 kg protein. With Jamie as a sire, production is firmly embedded in the pedigree. The aim of the mating selection was to create a female descendant who would function and produce even better in the future. Unfortunately for the farmer, but fortunately for our breeding programme, this combination produced a bull. And now Jouke makes the unique traits of the Anouk family available to thousands of farmers around the world.

Guimo Jamie
Wolisonview If Matt
Guimo Dynamic Joyce
Anouk 2
  • 2.01 382d 9958kg 6.44% 4.26%
  • 3.03 311d 7488kg 6.60% 4.50%
  • 4.03 3.03d 8480kg 5.97% 4.22%
  • 84 88 86 89 VG 87
Vj Link
  • Lifetime production (9 lact.):
  • 88.241kg 5.99% 4.52%