Eltin van Maris

Breed Belgian Blue (BB) A.I.-code 361058 Breed 100% BBL
A.I.-code 361058
Herdbook number NL 660953807
colour white
Date of birth 20-09-2015
Breed 100% BBL
Gestation length 273
Straw colour geel

About Eltin van Maris

  • As a more muscular bull tested well for beef on dairy use
  • > 2000 registered births
  • Muscular calves, but still easy calving
  • Bull with great beef traits
  • Fine bone structure, bred on the Maris farm
  • Index scores can be found with the breeding values
Quiet Roche Gue
Doudou De Sartay
Maburfia 2389 Roche Gue
Bertha 331
Imperial De L'ecluse
Bertha 302

functional traits

Calving ease 127
Gestation length 99