De Nautena Meester

Breed Holstein A.I.-code 361251 Breed 100% HF
A.I.-code 361251
Herdbook number NL 608951407
colour black & white
Date of birth 08-03-2020
Breed 100% HF
Gestation length 282
Straw colour clear blue
aAa code 561423
Kappa Casein AB
Beta Casein A1/A1
Cow family Anna

About De Nautena Meester

De Nautena Meester (Malki x Bertil x Level): a prime example of robust and proven breeding. Fitting to a master in his trade as being fully qualified to perform well, this bull - whose name translates to master - descends from a line of reliable and influential bulls -Malki, Bertil, Level and Cash. The name is therefore extremely appropriate name for this Malki son. Add to this a unique aAa code (561) and he may well be unbeatable in the category of bulls with balanced, rounded traits.

A bull who is currently attracting lots of attention in the segment of bulls with rounded characteristics is Malki (aAa 165), Meester's sire. Malki daughters mature late, a trait reflected in both their production performance and conformation. They show an unprecedented increase in production as their lactations progress. His medium stature daughters carry very good udders and stand on correct legs (including excellent hoof health). These qualities have already resulted in a large number of excellent-ranked daughters in his index.

Meesters's maternal pedigree - the Anna family - can also be called masterful. Reliability, late maturity and durability are terms that sum up these cows very nicely. For example, Meester’s grand dam Anna 105 produced over 60,000 kg of milk with good components. A remarkable feature was the very consistent production in each lactation, which resulted in an average lactation value of 116. The same applies to his dam Anna 121, who is still an active member of the dairy herd. To date, Anna 121 has produced almost 110,000 kg of milk and achieved an average lactation value of 115. She has not given birth to many daughters, but all her female calves were or still are good performers. These include Anna 125 (an 86-point Cricket daughter) and Anna 129. Anna 129, who is registered with 88 points, is also by Malki which makes her a full sister of Meester. Fourth calver Anna 129 (lifetime production to date of almost 50,000 kg) scored an average lactation value of 118 on her first three lists.

Big Malki
Hoekland Maik
Big Anna Jacoba
De Nautena Anna 121
  • Lifetime production till now:
  • (3002d) 112.980kg 4.48% 3.57%
  • 87 90 87 84 VG 87
Beekmanshoeve Bertil
De Nautena Anna 105
  • 2.00 351d 11522kg 4.77% 3.63%
  • 3.02 389d 15286kg 4.26% 3.59%
  • 4.04 318d 12630kg 4.62% 3.57%
  • 5.04 542d 16807kg 4.81% 3.67%
  • 87 88 82 85 VG 85