Colganados Jb Aviator RF SI

Breed Holstein zwartbont + RF A.I.-code 783911 Breed 100 % HF
A.I.-code 783911
Herdbook number US 3201598591
Date of birth 22-05-2020
Breed 100 % HF
Straw colour dik transparant
aAa code 246
Kappa Casein AB
Beta Casein A1/A2

About Colganados Jb Aviator RF SI

By importing COLGANADOS JB AVIATOR SI rf (Sinba x Robust x Planet x Shottle) from the USA, K.I SAMEN can offer the Dutch and wider European market a truly unique bull. This bull is a carrier of the slick gene. Cows with this gene have a superior ability to resist higher temperatures and heat stress. The slick allele is dominant so 50% of Aviator’s progeny will carry this gene. Cows with the slick gene have a different type of coat. The hair is shorter and sleeker, which is clearly apparent around the crown. Another trait of slick cows is larger sweat glands. Studies have revealed that in extreme temperature conditions the body temperature of cows with the slick gene remains lower and the cows remain more productive and fertile. They also have a higher dry matter intake in tropical conditions.

Aviator rf is a slick gene carrier, his sire El-Remanso Sinba-PLN-Red is a red-and-white bull with the slick gene. A Legacy Genetics has invested heavily in breeding for the slick gene for a long time. In Puerto Rico, introducing the slick gene into Holstein cattle has been done for many years. Sinba was the first bull of this type to be actually used for AI and his semen has been sold worldwide. 

Aviator's dam is SEAGULL-BAY MISS AMERICA (EX 91), a full sister of the bulls Seagull-Bay Supersire and Headliner, while his grand dam is the world-famous Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET (EX 92). Her genes can be found in cows all over the world. She has frequently been used to produce bulls which has resulted in many fine progeny and well-known bulls. In addition, Shauna was crowned Global Cow of the Year in 2015 at the Holstein International show, carrying on the family tradition as her great grand dam Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy (EX-92) was also voted Global Cow of the Year. An extremely successful cow family that partners very good conformation with fabulous production. 

All these factors make Aviator a very interesting proposition for the European market. He also has the quite unusual aAa code 246 and is a carrier of the red factor.  

El-Remanso Sinba-Pln-Red
El-Remanso Mufasa Pln
El-Raemanso 2816 Pln-P-Red
Seagull-Bay Miss America
  • 2.03 305d 12107kg 4.3% 3.4%
  • VG 87
Roylane Socra Robust-Et
Ammon-Peachey Shauna
  • 2.01 305d 13390kg 4.1% 3.2%
  • EX 92