Visstein K&L Banner

Breed Holstein A.I.-code 361191 Breed 100% HF
A.I.-code 361191
Herdbook number NL 587172040
colour black & white
Date of birth 10-04-2019
Breed 100% HF
Gestation length 283
Straw colour red
aAa code 243165
Kappa Casein AB
Beta Casein A2/A2
Cow family Prudence
Calving ease bull yes
Calving ease 101

About Visstein K&L Banner

The A2A2-bull Visstein K&L Banner (Bahrain x Background x Suran) represents beautiful frames and very good legs. His pedigree contains genetics from various countries. Sire Bahrain comes from Scandinavia, while Banner’s maternal line (the Prudence family) originates from the USA and ended up in the Netherlands via the Netherlands and Germany. K.I. SAMEN has already used a bull from the protein-rich Prudence line in the shape of Mastershot. 

Banner’s sire Bahrain (aAa 561) stands for efficiency. His daughters may not be the most imposing cows in terms of frame, but they do have very good udders and legs. Impressive they certainly are when it comes to production: copious milk with high components (including very high protein percentages). In addition, this calving ease bull scores particularly well for health traits.

A cow family with a name that regularly appears on the international circuit is the Mark Prudence (EX 95) pedigree. This family (on Banner's maternal side) are winners in both the female and male lines (including the Italian top bull Rodanas). As can be expected, all the production and conformation traits of this cow family are top rate. With Banner this translates into no fewer than 11 generations of VG or excellent cows. The cows also excel in terms of protein, with the majority of them achieving protein levels that vary between 3.50% and 3.90%.

Vh Bosman Bahrain
Vh Bosman
  • 2.04 305d 10262kg 4.76% 3.61%
  • 3.07 305d 11427kg 4.40% 3.53%
  • 86 86 84 83 VG 85
Qhr 654
  • LA 1 305dg 9266kg 4.26% 3.90%
  • LA 2 305dg 10776kg 4.55% 3.81%
  • VG 85