Breed Holstein zwartbont + RF A.I.-code 361225 Breed 100% HF
A.I.-code 361225
Herdbook number NL 727262303
colour black & white+ rc
Date of birth 17-04-2020
Breed 100% HF
Gestation length 282
Straw colour red
aAa code 156
Kappa Caseïne AA
Beta Casein A2/A2
Cow family Mathilde

About Roady

Roady rf (Red Max x Bart x Pleasure) brings another interesting proposition to. K.I. SAMEN's portfolio of Lineback bulls. As well as his wonderful Lineback markings, Roady rf offers a wide range of very desirable traits including A2A2 for beta-casein, an aAa code of 156 and he carries the red factor. Roady rf has inherited good durability and super conformation from the pedigrees of both his parents.

Red Max, the sire of Roady rf, has an aAa code of 165 and has the A2A2 gene for beta-casein. He is the result of a good corrective match that has created a perfect combination of dairy type and balance. His full sister, Gerda 64, provides extra proof of this successful mating. Gerda 64 has enjoyed many successes in the show ring and was classified with 92 points for her fabulous conformation. The line also includes some very correct young stock that descends from Red Max.

The Mathilde family (Roady's maternal line) owned by the Ammerlaan family from Schipluiden is a familiar supplier of Lineback bulls to K.I. SAMEN (he was preceded by the bulls Leo and Murphy). For generations the Lineback colouration has been embedded in this cow family, and for generations too the cows from this line have shown remarkable longevity. Before Mathilde 77, the grand dam of Roady rf, seven generations of Mathildes have all achieved minimum lifetime production of more than 50,000 kg of milk. The two absolute top performers are Basar-daughter Mathilde 34 (the great great grand dam of Roady rf) with lifetime production of over 117,000 kg of milk, and Inspiration daughter Mathilde 13 (126,000 kg of milk and 10,000 kg of fat and protein). In addition to copious lifetime production of more than 65,000 kg of milk, grand dam Mathilde 77 also excels in fertility: out of eight inseminations she produced eight calves!  

Bossink Red Max
Apina Curtis
Bossink Gerda 47
Mathilde 117
  • 1.11 323d 8852kg 5.12% 3.94%
  • 3.00 305d 11162kg 4.66% 3.68%
  • 87 87 84 87 AB86
Broekhuizen Bart
Mathilde 77
  • 2.00 320d 7177kg 5.05% 3.55%
  • 3.00 290d 8261kg 5.30% 3.70%
  • 3.11 282d 9697kg 4.87% 3.61%
  • 4.11 306d 10386kg 4.66% 3.62%
  • 5.11 324d 11112kg 4.73% 3.61%
  • 7.00 296d 9170kg 4.79% 3.53%
  • 86 86 83 82 AB84