Red Rocks Martian Red PP

Breed Red Holstein A.I.-code 361285 Breed 100 % HF
A.I.-code 361285
Herdbook number NL 728777233
Date of birth 19-09-2021
Breed 100 % HF
Gestation length 285
Straw colour grey
aAa code 423
Kappa Casein AB
Beta Casein A2/A2

About Red Rocks Martian Red PP

K.I.SAMEN is very familiar with the protein-rich maternal line behind Red Rocks Martian PP  (Mars P x Solitair P x Wisent). We previously tested Japan son Celebration from the same family. This calving ease bull has already produced correct young stock. Martian PP gives us another super bull from this bloodline, and as a bonus he is homozygous polled. 

The polled gene is present on both sides of Martian PP’s pedigree. On his paternal side this is the young German bull Mars P. Mars P gives average to slightly lighter birth weights and he is known as a good bull for production (lots of milk and protein). Good health traits and great conformation transmission complete the picture, with udders worthy of special attention. The udders score well for all aspects, including slightly longer teats.

The other polled gene carried by Martian PP was inherited from his dam Massia 216 P (VG 87). She inherited it in turn from her sire Solitair P, a bull who carved out an international career as a top breeding bull. Massia 216, a half-sister of SAMEN bull Celebration, also has high protein production (in excess of 4%) and correct udders. These two traits are notable in her paternal line, and most certainly in her maternal line. These Massias have excelled in good protein percentages and conformation for many generations (10 generations of VG cows) and the same traits are also present in the male progeny of this line. Among the older guard, this includes the breeding bulls Maik Red and Multimate, while Nelson and Mask represent the younger generation of bull sires.

Mbl Mars P-Red
Marsden P
Red Rocks Massia 216P
  • 2.03 305d 8578kg 4.94% 4.07%
  • 88 89 88 85 VG 87
Solitair P
Red Rocks Massia 155
  • 2.04 651d 21522kg 4.43% 3.86%
  • 4.03 329LL 13859kg 3.82% 3.69%
  • 85 83 87 87 VG 86