Holtsagergaard Baze P

Breed Belgian Blue (BB) A.I.-code 361262 Breed 100% BBL
A.I.-code 361262
Herdbook number DK 04496200412
colour piebald blue
Date of birth 24-04-2020
Breed 100% BBL
Straw colour groen

About Holtsagergaard Baze P

  • Baze P is a heterozygous polled beef on dairy bull of English/Canadian origin.
  • Baze P is a British Blue bull.
  • He was bred at the famous Greystone farm in Scotland.
  • The Greystone farm has supplied many beef on dairy bulls to AI stations in the UK. 
  • Baze P will probably pass on a shorter than average gestation length, and his calves will be well developed.
  • Baze P merits 3.5 out of 5 for maternal calving ease.
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