Erik 2 van de Blomsteeg

Breed Belgian Blue (BB) A.I.-code 361237 Breed 100% BBL
A.I.-code 361237
Herdbook number NL 673373335
Date of birth 05-04-2020
Breed 100% BBL
Gestation length 285
Straw colour grijs
Cow family Clarisse

About Erik 2 van de Blomsteeg

Erik 2 van de Blomsteeg is a tremendous bull that combines two beef on dairy pedigrees. His sire is Erik van de Blomsteeg while his dam is from the famous Clarisse van ’t Zandeind family. His dam is a full sister of Japio and Arnold van de Blomsteeg, who both scored extremely well for calving ease.

Despite giving slightly longer gestation lengths, Erik 2 is sure to produce lightweight calves at birth thanks to his maternal pedigree. His paternal line contributes muscularity and calving ease. With his nicely muscled calves, Erik 2 has made many farmers very happy.

Erik 2 offers good muscling and strong legs. For calving ease, Erik 2 certainly deserves his score of four out of five stars. 

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