Erfgooier Dirk P

Breed Holstein zwartbont + RF A.I.-code 361256 Breed 100 % HF
A.I.-code 361256
Herdbook number NL 731915118
Date of birth 27-11-2020
Breed 100 % HF
Gestation length 280
Straw colour mint green
aAa code 243
Kappa Casein AB
Beta Casein A2/A2
Cow family Corrie
Calving ease bull yes
Calving ease 102

About Erfgooier Dirk P

Normally the Lineback population cannot compete with purebred Holsteins when it comes to production and conformation. However, in the shape of Erfgooier Dirk (Pp) rf (Dubai PP x Handy P x Potter P), a Lineback bull with the ability to certainly equal Holsteins for protein has stepped into the ring. He boasts several generations of bulls with a plus for protein in his pedigree and the cows in his maternal line also excel for protein. Dirk (Pp) rf also carries the red factor which makes him a welcome addition to both the black-and-white and red-and-white segments. Other traits that undoubtedly speak in his favour are the fact that he is heterozygous polled and has the A2A2 gene for beta-casein.

Dubai PP, the sire of Dirk (Pp) rf, is a homozygous, polled red-and-white bull with very all-round transmitting abilities. He passes on good milk production combined with super component percentages, as well as conformation that is practically flawless. The udders are the strongest component: firmly attached and compact with slightly longer teats. This all makes Dubai PP ideal as a calving ease bull for maiden heifers. 

The maternal line of Dirk (Pp) rf is a cow family where high lifetime production is standard. One of the contributing traits is this line’s exceedingly good fertility. Corrie 20, the great grand dam of Dirk (Pp) rf , produced a total of almost 100,000 kg of milk, and her dam recorded lifetime production of more than 60,000 kg. Dirk's grandmother, Potter P daughter Corrie 60, has now clocked up almost 45,000 kg of milk and has shortened the interval by a month as the lactations progress. Dirk’s dam, Corrie 80, is even more fertile. Having calved too early as a heifer, she managed to shave three months off the calving interval in the next two consecutive lactations. Despite these short lists, she produced a super volume of milk that included high protein percentages.

Delta Dubai Pp-Red
Delta Jim P-Red
Delta Dynte
Erfgooier Corrie
  • 1.07 287d 6505kg 4.40% 3.75%
  • 2.05 298d 9256kg 4.11% 3.70%
  • 3.04 305d 9867kg 4.19% 3.72% (vsp)
De Vrendt Handy P
Erfgooier Corrie 60
  • 1.11 261d 8338kg 3.84% 3.68%
  • 2.09 313d 9641kg 4.04% 3.87%
  • 3.08 307d 8737kg 4.24% 4.02%
  • 4.08 381d 11012kg 3.93% 3.70%
  • 5.10 305d 10826kg 4.12% 3.53% (vsp)