DV Cordaat Red

Breed Red Holstein A.I.-code 361268 Breed 100 % HF
A.I.-code 361268
Herdbook number NL 741574912
colour 109
Date of birth 27-12-2020
Breed 100 % HF
Gestation length 279
aAa code 243
Kappa Caseïne AA
Beta Casein A2/A2
Cow family Delta Madamme

About DV Cordaat Red

A2A2 bull DV Cordaat Red originates from a renowned family that is performing well on the breeding circuit: the Massia line. Several bulls from this line have enjoyed careers as sires. Cordaat is a particularly interesting proposition thanks to his high reliability (only breeding bulls in his pedigree) and his unusual bloodline (Crown x Supershot x Cycloon). 

One of these outcross bulls is his sire Crown, a bull from the USA who has now proven himself as a breeding bull. Crown transmits high milk production combined with almost neutral components. He also passes on sublime conformation to his daughters who have correct frames, super udders and very good legs. His scores for udder health, fertility and durability tick all the boxes.

As mentioned earlier, the widely used Massia family forms the foundation of Cordaat’s maternal line (the youngest generations have been renamed Madamme). The cows from this line produce with ease and persist for many lactations. For example, his great grand dam Madamme 4 (VG 88) has already clocked up almost 80,000 kg of milk, while his grand dam Madamme 5 (VG 88) notes more than 60,000 kg. His dam Madamme 6 (VG 87) has shown the most progression over the lactations. Fulfilling her legacy as a Supershot daughter, she already produced high volumes of milk as a heifer and has continued to improve with each lactation. And her breeding abilities should not go unmentioned either: her three lactating daughters (by Stellando, Rosebud and Anreli) score 83, 84 and 88 points, respectively, for conformation  with high protein percentages (up to 4%).

Kenmore Triple Crown-Red
Endco Apprentice
Ri-Val-Re Lil Apple-Ets
Delta Madamme 6
  • 2.03 349d 11078kg 4.03% 3.44%
  • 3.03 342d 11044kg 4.59% 3.57%
  • 4.04 459d 16358kg 4.44% 3.54%
  • 87 87 87 83 AB87
Cogent Supershot
Delta Madame 5
  • Lifetime production till now: (7 lact.):
  • 2096d 60940kg 4.33% 3.43%
  • 90 87 87 86 VG88