Dries van 't Zandeind

Breed Belgian Blue (BB) A.I.-code 361284 Breed 100% BBL
A.I.-code 361284
Herdbook number NL 676880883
Date of birth 06-03-2021
Breed 100% BBL
Gestation length 283
Straw colour geel

About Dries van 't Zandeind

Dries van ‘t Zandeind is a well developed bull. The family behind Dries guarantees good calves, who are also calved easily. His dam is a daughter of the popular bull Japio van de Blomsteeg.

His sire Davey has moved abroad and is used as a beef on dairy bull. Davey descends from the Anet van ‘t Zandeind line, and Dries combines this pedigree with the Clarisse bloodline. The Clarisse line is well known for its light birth weights and the very good growth of the calves. 

In view of his pedigree of bulls all used as beef on dairy sires, Dries is a great bull to choose. Dries rates 4 out of 5 stars for calving ease.

Rugulus De La Coue
Anet 1 Van 'T Zandeind
Clarisse 109 Van 'T Zandeind
Clarisse 95 Van 'T Zandeind