Brutus van de Graashook

Breed Belgian Blue (BB) A.I.-code 361280 Breed 100% BBL
A.I.-code 361280
Herdbook number NL 596725240
Date of birth 04-04-2021
Breed 100% BBL
Gestation length 267
Straw colour red

About Brutus van de Graashook

Brutus van de Graashook descends from the same maternal line as Bobo and was also sired by Bruno. Bobo is the first Bruno son to score very good breeding values for calving ease and gestation time. 

Brutus numbers various well-known names in his pedigree, such as Bruno, Dorus and David in the paternal line and Lucas in his dam's family. K.I. SAMEN has successfully tested three bulls produced by Brutus’ dam: Dino, Alfons and Shaun. With the other two Bruno sons from this cow family, Bobo and Beer, Brutus also has a very good chance of becoming an ideal beef on dairy bull.

Just like his proven relatives, Brutus is expected to produce very lightweight calves, born after what will probably be an even shorter gestation time. This means that Brutus merits 5 stars for calving ease and will probably also pass on an even shorter gestation time.

Bruno Van De Plashoeve
Ugo Van Boszicht
Bruintje 17 Van De Plashoeve
Grashoek Ester 83
Lucas Van Boszicht
Grashoek Ester 79